Purple and Gold Bucks.

Everyone can have a taste of what we are serving. Visit Jones Residence Hall, call 252.ECU.FOOD or visit your OneStop account to sign up for Bucks!

Starbucks at Joyner

Need a quiet place to study or meet up with friends? Starbucks in Joyner Library is the perfect spot to cram for that big test or just relax and talk about your weekend plans.

Did You Know?

On average, eating fast food for three meals a day costs more than buying a meal plan. Click here to start saving with a Meal Plan.


Sweet tooth? Make apple crisp with campus store ingredients by microwaving chopped apple, brown sugar (or honey) and butter until soft. Add granola and/or nuts for crunch! #DiningHallHacks

New Year, new Meal Plan!

Don’t have your plan yet? Get on it & start your New Year even easier!

It's All About You

You've got enough to worry about on campus: classes, studying, work and extracurricular activities. You shouldn't have to stress about eating too. Having a meal plan lets you grab a meal with your friends, when you want it and where you want it. We have a variety of meal plans that fit into your schedule and your lifestyle. Each of the plans provide an assortment of high quality choices in both of the dining halls and food courts with all of the types of food you desire.

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Eating Made Easy
Buy a Meal Plan

It's Easy

Buy a Meal Plan

Planning Ahead?

Planning ahead?

Meal Plans are online now.

What's happening in our halls? Each month we have a variety of fun themed meals and activities in our dining halls. Click here to learn more about what is going on in Todd and West End Dining Halls.
Gateway East and West will house a combined 720 students. There will be two residence hall coordinators and 18 resident assistants to help create a community for the first occupants, who are expected to move in by fall 2015.

Information Coming Soon!

Information Coming Soon!

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